Chart A Profitable Future For Your Nonprofit Organization

Your nonprofit organization needs accurate and insightful financial reporting to make effective decisions and attain success in the long run. With the advanced Sage software solutions, you can get easy-to-create visualizations and reports, which provide value in real-time, enabling finance executives and leaders to plan for business programs, staffing, fundraising, etc. based on your requirements.

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    Manage your entire organization and fulfil your missions
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    Maintain multiple systems with ease and focus on your key missions
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    Build a better connect with the existing donors and deliver better services faster
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    Reimagine your business processes, transform customer experience, and keep abreast of the competition
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Navigate Complexity & Overcome Challenges With Speedy Consolidation

Leverage the nonprofit ERP software to meet the unique requirements of your nonprofit organization. Backed by push-button consolidation, you can gain real-time analytics fast and boost your organization’s performance. Forget the hassle of maintaining spreadsheets manually! The multidimensional database of Sage software solutions will enable you to aggregate activities and transactions across your entire nonprofit organization.

Whether you’re looking to access remotely, boost security, improve recovery or minimize cost, the ERP software will improve the business operations of your organization – irrespective of its size, nature, mission or goals.

  • Gain a strong internal control to manage budget constraints and financing streams
  • Make the most of your resources and meet the long-term goals of your organization
  • Streamline operations, drive innovation, and maximize efficiency by up to 60%
  • Improve your team activities and deepen customer loyalty
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Bring Clarity With Comprehensive Fund Accounting

Every nonprofit organization must know how their investments are performing . The advanced Sage ERP accounting software can help you create separate closes for every revenue source with a series of regular reports. Each of these reports has its own requisites, for every funder.

Backed by the Sage fund accounting software, you can easily generate statements of activities, financial position, and cash flow. Complete transparency and visibility are some of the other perks of this robust software. After all, transparency is the key to keeping sponsors and donors updated and on board. Using this software, you can –

  • Get real-time access to your organization’s operational and financial performance
  • Keep tab on what’s happening across your nonprofit organization
  • Bring accuracy in analysis and reporting from the for-profit world
  • Get actionable insights from your operational and financial data, and make smarter decisions faster!
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Increase Efficiency By Automating Manual Processes

Get ready to drive your nonprofit organization forward with automation! Sage ERP software will enable you to streamline the back-office job by automating transactions, and minimizing manual data entry, errors, etc.

Automated and paperless workflows can accelerate reporting and routine accounting tasks, allowing you to spend more time focusing on strategies, which can help you accomplish the long-term goals of your organization. Sage ERP software solutions can help you boost your efficiency by –

  • Automatically tracking and routing digital approval signoffs on transactions
  • Providing your staff and volunteers with anytime-anywhere access, thus maximizing the overall productivity of your finance department
  • Automating grant, fund, revenue and billing processes
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Deliver Better Experiences With Seamless System Integration

Backed by the ERP software for nonprofit organization, your finance team can stay updated with modern reporting and processing insights. Get connected to future or existing systems using an open API. Furthermore, you can leverage key data from budgeting, payroll, donor management, CRMs, etc. to track metrics, which are central to your organization’s programs and operations in one place.

Also, this software can help your nonprofit organization achieve efficiency in operating multiple legal entities with different tax jurisdictions and currencies. This will also eliminate the need for spreadsheets or manual reconciliations. The advanced multidimensional database of this software will enable you to aggregate activities and transactions across –

  • Multiple entities
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple grants and donors
  • Multiple locations
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  • Simplify back-office operations
  • Streamline your workflows
  • Maximize Productivity
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